Agus Aryawan Earns a Doctorate Degree While Serving as an ASN University General

Dr. Ir. I Made Agus Aryawan, ST, MT, Head of the Badung Regency Investment and One-Stop Integrated Service (DPMPTSP) Alumni of the Environmental Science Doctoral Study Program (PDIL) Postgraduate Udayana University (Pasca Unud) who received his doctorate on August 15, 2023, revealed that the opportunity to study at PDIL Pasca Unud was a very valuable experience and opened students' insights to think critically, comprehensively, and inclusively. The learning pattern at PDIL Pasca Unud is very effective, with a curriculum that is relevant to the needs of the world of work and follows the trend of development concepts in developed countries that prioritize the principles of sustainable development, he added. Agus Aryawan, who completed his dissertation with the title "Landscape Ecology as a Basis for the Development of Regional Systems in Badung Regency, Bali" said that the initial perception in his mind that studying at PDIL Pasca Unud would take a long time to finish and that it was difficult to communicate with lecturers or supervisors was wrong. Lecturers and supervisors at PDIL Pasca Unud, besides having high qualifications and being experts in their fields, also provide excellent academic services to students and even encourage students to be able to complete their studies on time.

It was also conveyed that students have unconsciously been trained to improve soft skills, especially communication skills and scientific argumentation, through presentations of the tasks given by teaching lecturers. It does feel hard to study in the first and second semesters with assignments that come thick and fast, especially for students who are working. This is where the importance of time management and prioritization lies between completing tasks from lecturers and completing tasks at work. The keywords for success in studying at PDIL Pasca Unud are discipline, consistency, and confidence. Self-confidence is the most significant factor affecting the success of students completing courses at PDIL Udayana University. I have proven that studying at PDIL Pasca Unud while working as a civil servant in the Badung Regency Government is not an obstacle because I can live both well and on time, he concluded (DK).